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Dr. Steve's Path to Chiropractic

My Journey Had Nothing to Do with Back Pain…

Key to health

Chiropractic can be your key to health!

Years ago, a few months traveling in Europe, I wore down my immune system. It left me with an ear infection that was so bad it lasted for months, allowing me to hear only when I was lying down. Not having any health insurance at the time and the only option of going to the emergency room, I was eager to seek out anything that would help me naturally.

I was encouraged go see a chiropractor because the ear, nose and throat doctors appointment was weeks away. The chiropractor thought that by working on my upper cervical area it might then begin to heal and help my infection. He was right!

The Healing I Longed for

The spinal adjustment created an environment of healing between my upper cervical nerves and eustachian tubes began to drain. After a few visits, I started to heal and my ear infection went away. I was able to cancel that ENT visit!

While unfortunate at the time, this event is what opened my eyes to chiropractic care. If you know someone who is suffering just as I was, have him or her give me a call. Chiropractic may be able to help them heal naturally just as I did! (716) 832-1818

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