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Dr. Kevin Phalen, DC


I never really knew much about chiropractic care when I was younger, but I have always liked a more natural approach regarding health.”

Dr. Kevin Phalen, ChiropractorA native of Buffalo, I graduated Cum Laude from Canisius College in 1981 with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies. I was originally intending to enter the Seminary but was still uncertain at graduation, so I decided to take a year off and took a job in retail with the former Adam, Meldrum and Anderson Department Stores. With hard work and rapid promotions, I became the youngest General Manager in the company’s history. My favorite part of my fifteen years in retail management was always the close contact with people, both employees and customers.

Over the years, the face of retail changed and I grew restless. I wasn’t happy ‘pushing paper’. I wanted to work more closely with people on an individual, personal level and was leaning toward a career change into healthcare.

Originally considering Psychology or a Physician Assistant, I was talking with Dr. Steve Niemiec, at that time he was a business manager and consultant at one of the area’s largest chiropractic offices. Little did I know that he would soon be a future practice partner. He, too, was considering a career change from the business world into healthcare. He was planning to become a doctor of chiropractic and gave me a life-changing piece of advice. “Before you make any definite plans,” he said, “do yourself a favor and look into chiropractic.”

My Focus is Health and Wellness

As I learned more about chiropractic, I realized that its philosophy of health and wellness was exactly what I had always known. I continued to work on my educational requirements and soon found myself moving to Spartanburg, South Carolina to attend Sherman College where I worked hard on my academics, the student newspaper and the Student International Chiropractors Association. I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2001 and received the Academics Achievement Award for graduating with a 4.0 GPA.

What was it that I shared in common with chiropractic? Simply put, the knowledge that our body is created with a natural ability to be a self-healing, self-regulating organism. Through my education I learned the magnificent role our nervous system plays in coordinating and controlling every aspect of our health and wellness as well as the detrimental effects that outside stressors place on the nervous system, interfering with that natural inclination toward wellness. More than just a “brain-body” connection, I also utilized my background in Philosophy and Theology to more deeply explore our “Body-Mind-Spirit” relationships. Yes, true health is more than just physical function.

If, ultimately, medications or surgery are required to restore health, that’s fine. Just give your body a chance to function at its optimum so that it may heal on its own first, before subjecting yourself to various chemicals with their myriad of side effects. Through the chiropractic adjustment, interference to the nervous system is removed, allowing better communication between the brain and body. As a result, we find ourselves in an overall healthier state.

I’m a member of the International Chiropractors Association, the New York Chiropractic Council and the Association for Catholic Chiropractors. As a part of our Balanced Spinal Specific Adjusting approach to the spine, I keep myself up-to-date on a regular basis by attending various chiropractic seminars and conferences. Learning never stops. Learn how chiropractic care care can help you!

  • So pleasantly pleased with the whole experience. I would refer you to anyone I know.
    -Marjorie F.
  • Dr. Kevin was very accommodating to my needs, he hit the mark!! Everyone was very polite and courteous!
    -Nancy L.
  • Dr Phelan was very understanding and listened to everything I had to say. Very compassionate with an excellent personality!
    -Donna G.

On a Personal Note...

More about me? Well, my personal interests include history, gardening and music. I'm a member of the Buffalo Choral Arts Society where I sing second bass and have served on its Board of Directors since 2002. Maybe we'll see each other at a concert sometime.

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