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What Our Amherst Patients Say

What others say about Amherst chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness patient testimonials below and please call our Amherst chiropractic office if you have any questions. Kind regards Dr. Steve Niemiec

  • The staff at Balanced Living Chiropractic were AMAZING. They were incredibly helpful and pay such close attention to detail. I am very thankful a friend referred me and I will definitely be coming back.
    -Taylor V.
  • From the 2 ladies at the front to meeting Dr. Kevin, it was a 10/10 great experience! I know my health is in good hands just from the first apt!
    -Kristin F.

Wonderful First Session

Dr. Jones was great! She listened to everything I had to say. She is very knowledgeable! She was very good at explaining all the techniques she was employing and alleviated nearly all of my sciatic nerve pain. Needless to say, my first session was wonderful and even more than I hoped for! I look forward to working with her in the weeks to come!

Dana M.

Super Personable!

Dr. Caralee was great. Especially in comparison to chiropractors I've gone to in the past. Very kind and good at explaining, super personable. Also Andrea at the front is very professional and kind. Great Place overall. Looking forward to my appointments to come

Giovonnie B.

Awesome First Visit

The visit was encouraging and pleasant. Looking forward to working with Dr. Katelyn and getting my issues resolved. Going forward, I plan to continue coming in for periodic adjustments even after my problem is resolved. Very enjoyable initial visit....looking forward to follow-up visits and feeling great again!

Deborah B.

Very Enjoyable!

I found my first visit to be very enjoyable. The staff is genuinely friendly and caring. I left with the sense that there is a team of people who want to find a solution to my scenario and I look forward to teaming together to conquer these hurdles.

Brian B.

Such A Difference!

Upon entering I was greeted by Sue, who not only was smiling but as pleasant as can be, it makes the first time experience off to a great start. In came Dr. Caralee and the same pleasant personality as Sue. Dr. Caralee not only discussed the problems that I was there for but we talked about our personal lives as well which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. After my first treatment I didn't feel much difference as I left but after a couple of hours at home I did notice a difference in the main area I was treated for.

Len P.

This Was My Best Experience...Ever

I've seen quite a few chiropractors over the years, and this was my very best experience...ever. The staff was so kind and helpful, I was seen early, and I've never had such a thorough intake or exam before. Dr. Niemiec-Klimek was warm and engaging, thoughtful, patient, and so professional. I am looking forward to my ongoing treatment. Thank you so much!

Angela S.

Very Thorough First Visit

A very thorough first visit. Dr. Nick clearly explained every step. I look forward to a good working relationship with Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness.

Patti L.

Comforting Experience

Right from the moment I walked through the front door I felt as if I have known the staff my entire life.

The doctor was very informative and explained everything while feeling around the problem area.
For someone who doesn't like going to a Dr... my experience here was very comforting.

Anthony C.

So Helpful and Patient

Dr. Caralee and staff were so helpful and patient! She took time to really listen and cater the treatment to my needs. A day later and I slept so much better than I have in months and feel fantastic! I will definitely be back!

Ann K.

A Very Thougtful and Thorough First Appointment

Grateful for the chance to be seen so quickly as a new patient. Dr. Nick was great at putting me at ease since I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor. He explained everything as he was adjusting me, which was greatly appreciated. It was a very thoughtful, thorough first appointment and I appreciated that the x-rays were taken right on site.

Paula P.

I Felt Very Confident

I was very pleased with Dr. Kaitlyn, she took the time to explain everything and I felt very confident that she could help me after the first visit. I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

Ellen L.

Super Helpful

Worked with Dr. Nick and he was super helpful with walking me through everything so I knew what he was doing every step of the way

Nick D.

Very Good in Explaining Everything

Dr. Katelyn was very good in explaining everything along the way from what was wrong, to x-rays and treatment and made me feel at ease with everything happening.

Nick S.

Thank you to the staff for making my visit comfortable!

I am so glad I came in, I felt amazingly better during and right after my adjustment. This is going to be a beautiful friendship!

Brandi C.

Literally, A Perfect Experience

First, I loved the personalized welcome sign! Next the front desk staff was both friendly and efficient. Dr.Nick was great during my assessment... very easy to talk to and very sweet. Dr. Katelyn did my x Ray reading and adjustment.

Sometimes when you let an issue go to long, then see a professional, they are judgmental of you letting it go so long. The thought of that always makes me more apprehensive to seek treatment. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE!

Dr. Katelyn was a sweetheart! She's knowledgeable and explains things simply and easy. Rather than feeling like I was a lost cause, I left both hopeful and optimistic about improving my health! She even made sure to do my adjustment as she is the doctor I was recommended to.

All around it was literally a perfect experience! Thank you to the entire staff!

Ashlie S.


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