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What Our Patients Say

  • I am blown away at how amazing everyone was. Best experience ever and I finally feel a little hope that I’ll stop hurting.
    -Kelly S.
  • Everyone from the staff to the doctor were very friendly and helpful. Wonderful experience!!
    -Gerry E.

So Glad I Found Dr. Katelyn

This was my first visit. After 2 bad experiences with other chiropractic offices that either didn't listen to my concerns or were too rough with adjustments, I decided to try again. I was very apprehensive, but Dr. Katelyn put my fears to rest. She has a wonderful disposition and took her time examining me and explaining everything from what was causing my sciatic pain, to what type of treatment she wanted to use. Most importantly, she was gentle. I like the fact that Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness knows several different techniques that can be used toward an individual's specific treatment. I was surprised to see results right away. So glad I found Dr. Katelyn.

Cecile R.

Happy To Help

I have had nothing but a good experience with Dr. Katelyn. Even when unexpected injury occurred they were happy to fit me in and help me get back to normal as quickly as possible. I'd definitely recommend Dr. Katelyn at Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness!

Miranda W.

Well Informed

It was really nice to be told what was going on with my back and how it would be treated.

Michael B.

Top Rate

Overall experience was top rate. I experience relief after the first visit. I am confident that I will benefit from using the services in this practice! Thank you!

Rebecca M.


I have suffered with backaches for many, many years thinking that is just a fact of getting older. When I couldn't bear it anymore, I set up an appointment out of desperation. Within two weeks I am pain-free. I can walk upright and don't wince when getting out of a chair. Why did I wait?

Nancy B.

Wonderful Facility

Wonderful facility. Being that it was my first visit I was a little nervous but from my initial phone call and throughout my consultation I felt very comfortable. The staff was very friendly and I will definitely recommend to others.

Gina B.

Neck Pain

I must admit I was skeptical about all of it, but I was in so much pain from my neck I gave Chiropractic care a try. I don't know why I waited so long! In two visits, I was feeling worlds better with great hope I would be back to normal. I am so happy I tried it out.

Jennifer W.

The Neurosurgeon Recommended Medication and Surgery

Photo of Joan A few months ago, pain was affecting my sleep, and I couldn't get through a day of regular movement without discomfort. I couldn't move my head either way without pain and limitation do to cervical disc compression. My family doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon. After an MRI, the surgeon recommended prescribed medication and surgery. The diagnosis was bad arthritis and spinal degeneration (Phase III) put limitations on my life. No more aerobics, dancing, bending, and twisting. I didn't like those options, so with my doctors advice, I decided to try the traditional method of chiropractic. For several months it was helpful and increased my mobility. Rather than risk surgery at this stage, this treatment and the use of over the counter pain relievers, offered more than surgery could do for me.More from Joan…»

For me neck surgery is a last resort because it is risky, and meant hospitalization, difficulty to work at my job and even possibly increase my chances of disability if unsuccessful. I know this because I have a sister who, after nine (9) back surgeries, is still in chronic pain and uses prescription drugs for only temporary relief. She uses a cane to walk now after graduating form a walker. My husband and I, who met again after 38 years (we were neighbors and classmates in our youth.) just love to take walks, golf, garden, and shop. With my limitations and discomfort, I was dismayed that we didn't have the longevity for our activities. One day while walking, we came upon Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness that was just a few blocks away. I liked the name and made the decision to give chiropractic another try. When I left work and arrived for my first appointment, Dr. Steve, Dr. Kevin and Katie their chiropractic assistant, welcomed me and told me that my husband had dropped off my MRI records but also make an appointment for himself. You see, my husband had back surgery several years ago and recently fell at work so he suffered from chronic back pain. His previous experience with chiropractic didn't adequately bring him much change so I was surprised to learn of his intentions. He certainly must have experienced some level of comfort at this new office. To our surprise, Dr. Steve and Dr. Kevin are teachers who practice and instruct a new level of chiropractic called Balanced Spinal Specific Adjusting. My fear of popping and pulling in my cervical spine was relieved because Dr. Steve and Dr. Kevin practice this new method that for me is both more comfortable and also unbelievably effective. I am very confident in this advanced technique of chiropractic care. It has changed my attitude as well has my health and life. My husband's fears are also long gone. Our walks are longer and more frequent, too. Our golf game hasn't improved but its more enjoyable and our garden this past year has been the best it's ever been. We know we are now doing the best we can do to prevent problems and sustain our health and longevity. We are getting checked and adjusted to prevent further decay of our spine and arthritis. Our commitment to regular chiropractic adjustments is as important as exercise, water, proper eating and sleeping habits, and healthy spiritual life. My mother always recited, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." If I were as wise as I am old, I would have started preventative chiropractic care much earlier in my life. As it is, I am enjoying more mobility with the comfort of growing older gracefully. My next goal is to dance to the music!

Thank you, Dr. Steve, Dr. Kevin, and Katie too. Joan G.S.

I was in a car accident that changed my life

I am 31 years old, married and have two wonderful children. Three years ago I was in a car accident. It changed my life. I suffered back, neck, hip, and rib injuries from this accident. I saw a number of doctors and specialists for my injuries, severe pain and depression. I was once very active with my family, my church and job. I could no longer do those things that I once loved. My problems seemed to be getting worse, not better with all of the medications, physical therapy, massage therapy and injections that I was receiving. I had heard about Chiropractic and its benefits, however, when I mentioned this type of treatment to my doctors they did not recommend it. I finally gave in to the doctors and had low back surgery. More from Shannon…»

The pain in my legs was virtually gone. Unfortunately, that only lasted about 6 weeks. The pain in my legs and back returned not to mention that I could still not turn my head to look left or right. The doctors were talking about possible neck surgery. I declined and decided to take my medical care into my own hands. I finally got one of my doctors who was leaving this area to write me a note to see a chiropractor. (I had to have a Doctors O.K. for the car insurance company to cover the cost of the visits.) I was thrilled. I looked in the phone book and by the Grace of God found Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness. After a year and a half of being tortured and poisoned, I finally found a real solution. Chiropractic care! I started my treatment with Dr. Kevin Phalen. It was not an instant success. It took a while for my body to recover from the other "treatments". When I started my chiropractic treatment with Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness, I was going three times a week. Now I go every two weeks. I can turn my head left and right without pain. I can walk again without severe pain. I am amazed at my constant improvement and progress. Not only do I feel better physically and emotionally, but I am also feeling better without the medications that I was told that I would be on for the rest of my life. I am medication free. I am now becoming more active with my family and friends. I hope to someday work again. I owe it all to God and Dr. Kevin Phalen. Thank you, Dr. Kevin, for your care and spinal adjustments. Without it, I would probably be spaced out on prescription drugs and feel useless. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Shannon S.

A Little Secret

Bob I would like to clue you in on a little secret; chiropractic care is now widely respected as effective care for all sorts of problems. It promotes a healthful lifestyle that includes sufficient exercise, stress reduction, wellness, nutrition, desirable social relationships, and first and foremost a properly aligned spine. Like most people I'm sure, my initial need to seek chiropractic care was severe back pain -- so severe that it prevented me from standing up straight when getting out of bed in the morning. This pain developed from the repetitive aggravation of building rock gardens and stone walls at my Daughter & Son-In-Laws cottage on Canandaigua Lake. The glacier stones on the shoreline and creek-bed vary in shape, size, and weight. Although it was enjoyable creating attractive stone formations the damage to my back was not enjoyable. More from Bob…»

Usually, the soreness in my back would subside in a day or two. Later it did not. After two active days of positioning stones the pain in my back did not subside. It forced me to slide out of bed onto my knees in order to slowly stand up. My medical doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer but after reading the side effects and danger of addiction, I stopped taking it. I needed a better solution. Knowing that my Son-In-Law's back pain was relieved by chiropractic care it was time for me to get similar help. Whether it was divine guidance or serendipitous searching, I found Dr. Steve Niemiec at Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness. After a few visits of Dr. Steve's specific adjustments, I was again able to hop out of bed on my feet, instead of my knees! Dr. Steve's diagnostic X-rays revealed two areas of advanced arthritis in my spine, the cause of which was a combination of physical and emotional stress. Although working with the rocks gave me emotional joy I did not realize or comprehend the damage to my spine. Nor that caring for my aging mother and her subsequent death was not only emotionally but physically stressful. Why hadn't my MD discovered arthritis in my spine? Why was a pill prescribed to treat my symptoms rather than a scientific diagnosis of the cause? Going to Dr. Steve was the initial good decision. The next good decision was to continue specific spinal adjustment for wellness. I like most can be a better patient - to control of stress and do my stretching exercises routinely. I've made it a mission of mine to tell my medical doctors, family, and friends about the relief and wellness care that Dr. Steve's and the entire office has given me. Yet, I don't think people appreciate the pain and frustration of having to crawl out of bed on your hands and knees! Nor do people understand the health-threatening differences between manufactured and natural remedies - whether food or healthcare.

I thank God every day for Dr. Steve's effective natural care. Bob D.

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