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Dr. Emily K Patrick, DC

Dr Emily Patrick, Chiropractor

Chiropractic adjustments changed my life!”

I am Emily Patrick, a graduate of D’ Youville College in Buffalo, NY and was part of the 7 year combined biology and chiropractic program at the college.  Working as a graduate assistant in the Chiropractic department which allowed me to encourage aspiring chiropractors to pursue their chiropractic education.

I have a special interest in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. Chiropractic during pregnancy is vital to the normal physiological function of both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy and birth. I am certified in Webster Technique, which allows me to better help patients achieve the best possible birth outcome. My patients include people from all walks of life – not just women and children. Everybody deserves to achieve optimal wellness through chiropractic care.

On a Personal Note

Looking back as a child and teenager, I always had back pain. It kept me up at night, made it difficult for me to sit in class and thought it was normal to have pain. It affected me everyday for so long that it became my normal.  I would rely on ibuprofen constantly to dull the pain, but it never fixed the problem.  Then I started getting adjusted and it felt like my entire life changed.  I no longer had to struggle to sit through lectures and my sleep improved so much that I felt like an entirely new person. Chiropractic has led me on a wellness journey that has allowed me to function better in every aspect of my life.

Outside of the Office

When I’m not at work I am usually engrossed in some kind of arts and crafts projects, usually knitting. I love animals and enjoy bird watching when the weather is nice. I spend a lot of time with my family, where we always find something to celebrate.

Want to Learn More?

I encourage you to come in to Balanced Living Chiropractic Wellness and let me assist you on your wellness journey.

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